OMFG New Packaging and Loose pigments

I am so excited that the OMFG Cosmetics compacts are officially on the way! There will also be a ton of loose pigments coming soon. I have been working hard to come up with a ton of amazing colors we will be releasing 8 or 12 very soon! I have made sure the formula has great adhesion and is super silky. There will be a total of 64 colors coming throughout this year. I have had so much fun picking packaging and creating these colors. I am so obsessed with these jars, and each one contains 3g of product. I cant wait to show them all to you, I cant show them all yet but see a sneak peek below ;).

OMFG Cosmetics packaging glow up

I have been working really hard to fine tune my brand I started my brand with a small amount of money and with what I have made I have been able to upgrade the packaging a little for the liquid highlighters. I was also able to change up our oil blends and after resurrecting I choose to add hemp seed oil and camellia seed oil so now the OMFG Cosmetics liquid highlighters are more nourishing, absorb quicker and have anti-aging properties that are great for all skin and all ages. The new formula now doesn’t separate like before and I have designed (yes myself) new labels to showcase the product and honestly just look cute.
The original packaging and label vs our new packaging and label. Use come freebie4me with a $20 purchase and get a free old style highlighter (make sure you add one to your cart)

Lime Crime Pocket Candy

I recently received the blue pocket candy compact as well as the dream girl lip bundle so I figured why not start this blog with something cute and nostalgic. The pocket candy looks just like a Polly pocket I happen to have one that’s almost the same color even. The packaging alone is very well made.